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Dos 5.0 can run software written for Dos 2/3!

I just discovered yesterday, that it is possible to launch software written for Dos 2.xx, 3.xx on Epson version of DOS 5.0! It was previously impossible on newer model of PC98 because of the HDD size requirement. It may not be obvious, but Dos 2/3 actually requires a HDD smaller than 120MB to run. Since newer models of PC98 often come with HDD larger than 120MB, Dos 2/3 cannot be installed and these newer models cannot run software written for them.


The good news is that Dos 5.0 (Epson) can emulate Dos2/3, so I can now install games like Legend of Heroes 2 or Popful Mail on a newer model of PC-98!


- Start your computer in DOS5.0 (Epson) mode.

- type :


Dos 2.xx / 3.xx are now emulated by DOS 5.0 !

Enjoy !

I added the new PC-98 in boot disc section.

PC98 Game compatibility and videos

I started the PC-98 installation tutorials, and it took a lot of time to explain and take videos ! That's why I am late for writing Laserdisc movies reviews ! You can see the tutorials in the game category of PC-98 section : Games.

I also started my youtube channel to show complete walkthrough of PC-98 games, plus, if I have time, translation of the scenario !

You can see the videos of Legend of Heroes :

Legend of Heroes PC-98 playlist

Pole Dance scenes in movies

If you like striptease scenes in movies, you may have a little smile every time a character enters a strip bar, expecting some interesting poses or sexy dances from the most beautiful women in the world! You may also have noticed that those scenes occur generally in the worst movies ever! And especially pole dance scenes.

To prove this strange theory (pole dance scenes and bad movies) and also for fun, I have decided to search all these scenes inside my LDs movies! If you know movies like this, please give me a shout ! Let's start !