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Pole Dance videos come back !

I finally found a video host site accepting my pole dance videos ! My You tube account has been closed for nudity contents... even if the video were taken from rated movies (Species, cyborg, etc...) !

Anyway, have fun ! And don't show this to your mummy ;)

Pole Dance Scenes in LD movies


Edit : Then have been removed again ... sorry. I will try reddit.

Edit 2 : Reddit is working well !

200 RPG clear !

I finally cleared my 200th RPG ! My wife did me a great surprise this morning with this congratulation breakfast ! My 200th RPG was Zelda 1 on Famicom Disk. It was a great and inovating game, even if it cannot reach the level of his little brother, "A link to the past" on SNES.

You can see my list of RGP cleared in all my life on "legendra" web site :

Next goal for the next 10 years : 300 RPG !

Dos 5.0 can run software written for Dos 2/3!

I just discovered yesterday, that it is possible to launch software written for Dos 2.xx, 3.xx on Epson version of DOS 5.0! It was previously impossible on newer model of PC98 because of the HDD size requirement. It may not be obvious, but Dos 2/3 actually requires a HDD smaller than 120MB to run. Since newer models of PC98 often come with HDD larger than 120MB, Dos 2/3 cannot be installed and these newer models cannot run software written for them.


The good news is that Dos 5.0 (Epson) can emulate Dos2/3, so I can now install games like Legend of Heroes 2 or Popful Mail on a newer model of PC-98!


- Start your computer in DOS5.0 (Epson) mode.

- type :


Dos 2.xx / 3.xx are now emulated by DOS 5.0 !

Enjoy !

I added the new PC-98 in boot disc section.